Welcome to Nicola-La-Land

An exhibition of collage, paintings, film and soft sculpture in Madrid at Gloria Books and Artspace, November 24 – December 11, 2011.

‘Welcome to Nicola-La Land’ 

Gloria Books 

Hortaleza 116
28004 Madrid

Nicola Hardy is an Australian interdisciplinary artist who now lives and works in Madrid. In this exhibition, she presents a peepshow, a freakshow and a whole lot of recurring characters from her personal mythology.

Nicola-La Land is a place inhabited by strange people from a rehab facility, birds with human legs and nonsense words that appear jumbled but make an odd kind of sense upon further examination. 

Her work spans the fields of drawing, performance art, creative and experimental writing, painting and collage. She’s been making zines since she fronted an all-girl band in the nineties, but has since moved from the public arena to the private space of blogging and online comic production. A novel “I Don’t Understand” is currently in progress and has been directly inspired by the collages in this show.

As an artist, Nicola is thematically interested in popular culture and the exploration of self. The socio/psychological aspect is evident in all of her work, from the “Black Flag” ceramic plate to the erotic writing on her website. (She’s inspired by TV shows like Gossip Girl and spends a lot of time looking in the mirror). 

Creatively, she is always trying new ways to make art, embracing mistakes and allowing chance and opportunity to arise within the work itself. (She has no idea what she is doing and she has no idea where it is going).  This is something she tries to convey to other people in her creativity classes and via her website http://www.drawingdiscipline.blogspot.com. 

About the Work

Welcome to Nicola-La-La-Land is really like being inside someone else’s head. There are things that are dark, things that shouldn’t be revealed, mixed up language and strange images. 

Come and get inside Nicola’s head and experience Nicola-La Land from November 24th (opening night – starts about 8pm) until December 11th 2011 at Gloria Bookshop. We look forward to seeing you there!


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